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Piano Keys

Piano Maintenance

Complete Care Tuning

This appointment type includes a fine tuning of your instrument and more! Depending on what your piano needs, it may also include: 

  • detailed evaluation of the instrument's condition (for first time appointments)

  • light cleaning

  • adjusting sticky keys or other minor repairs

  • touch up regulation

  • touch up voicing

This service is recommended for both regular maintenance and for getting a "neglected" piano back on track for regular service.

Photo of a tuning lever in a piano

Standard Fine Tuning

This service includes only a fine tuning. Additional services will incur separate fees. A single fine tuning is not sufficient for an instrument that has not been tuned in six months or more.

Photo of a tuning lever in a Steinway

Pitch Raise

When a piano hasn't been tuned in a long time, its tonal center can drop well below the standard A=440. To raise the pitch to where it should be, tremendous additional tension must be added to the piano's structure. 

It is impossible to make an enormous change in pitch and complete a fine tuning in one step. A pitch raise must be done first to then tune the piano accurately.

Joanie Brittingham tuning a piano

Deep Cleaning

Pianos accumulate dust, pet fur, and those tiny hole punches from three hole punchers, among other detritus. Even if you keep your home perfectly clean, there are places in the piano that cannot easily be reached. 

With specialized tools and techniques, the strings, pedals, plate, soundboard, and inside of the piano can be sparkling clean.

Old Dirty Piano


If your piano cannot keep up with you, or you have difficulty with dynamics, it may need regulation. Uneven touch, poor response, and uniformity of responsiveness are additional issues that can be a source of frustration. Parts become worn down and compressed with use.


Regulation involves tiny, intricate adjusments within the piano's action, providing you with greater control and sensitivity. These adjustments make critical changes to the mechanical components of the piano.

Photo of an action from a piano


Voicing adjusts the tone or quality of sound. This adjustment can be made without affecting pitch. 

Great tone is determined by taste, so I work with you to determine the quality that you find most pleasing as a player/listener.

Piano action removed from the piano for repair

Climate Control

Humidity extremes can be problematic for a piano's tuning stability and overall condition. 

A professionally installed Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver system can mitigate problems in the piano's immediate environment and extend the life of the piano and improve tuning stability from season to season. 

Steinway Piano keys


Squeaks!  Buzzes! Clicks! Sticking keys! Broken strings! Keys that won't work! With 12,000 parts, much can go wrong in a piano. Repair and replacement can make sure your piano functions correctly.

Piano being repaired
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